Truck loading: Done!!!

This morning we’ve charged the two trucks with the material. Everything was ready to charge two vehicules: one 50m3 from an external transporter and one 23m3 we rent.
Since nearly one month we store boxes from the other laboratories in the garden and our boxes are, since yesterday, at the entrance of the station.

For 9am all the boxes were in front of the station, ready to be loaded in the 50m3 truck:

But, the truck wasn’t here at 9am, neither at 10am…we had to wait until 11am to see the truck:

And directly charge it. Luckily we have a good pair of arms to load but arrived at the half of the loading we started to be tired…

After 3 intensive hours of handling, carrying, “Tetrising” (there is a lot of material!!)…the mission “loading” was done!!

People from the LOV are leaving Sunday 2nd with the ferry from Nice to Calvi and Monday morning the biggest truck arrive and… we have to do the same in the other way.

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