Stareso invasion

After a calm crossing of the Ligurian Sea with dolphins, moon fishes and whales (six hours from Nice to Calvi) and many turns on a rocky unpaved road, we arrived in a beautiful research station called « Stareso» yesterday at 3 pm. The marine station is located at the end of North-West coast of Corsica in the Golfe de la “Revellata” , below the lighthouse (our lodging occupied for the moment by bees!!).

Just a break for a beer (or soda!) and we’ve started to unload all the material for our experiment: everyone is occupied to put the packs and boxes on the little “dock” of the station, invading all the spaces, before a fresh swim (unexpected for Amélie and Laure!).

All material transport wouldn’t have been possible without Ali (the man in white in the picture) our super driver of the 50 mtruck. He managed to reach the station despite of all the obstacles!! Under the light of a big white moon we climbed to the lighthouse for a quiet and welcome night, ready to start to assemble everything!!!By Walter and Laure

1 thought on “Stareso invasion

  1. I am laughing at your terming it an invasion – because that’s exactly what it looked like to us (the divers from Yale studying S. ocellatus) on our return that day from an away dive. The sudden appearance of so many containers was a bit shocking! I’m still really impressed the truck made it to the station.

    Love the blog and really enjoyed interacting with your group at the station – all the best for the remainder of the project!

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