Divers’s works

Since the beginning, simultaneously to the mesocosms building work, the four divers prepare the field in front of the station to host the mesocosms. The nine mesocosms will be divided in 3 groups of 3, fixed to the seabed by anchors and spotted on surface with buoys.The picture below shows the placement of the mesocosms relative to the station and a scheme of how they will be organised.

After work, Jean-Michel, Bruno and Grigor explained us how they proceed under water. It’s not an easy task and they need a tool named “tarière” in French. It’s like a mechanical screwdriver and they need to be four around the engine to screw an anchor. One of them, Bruno sustain vertical the anchor; Grigor maintain the part of the anchor which is in the screwdriver; Didier maintain the whole system with a crutch and Jean-Michel (the chief of operations) manage the power.  At the surface Samir look after the engine (which switch off when no more essence: that’s what happened today!!).

They still have to install anchors, the subsurface buoys and surface. If the weather maintain like those last days they should finish in few days, but if the wind is strong it’s hard to maintain boat above them and it slow down their work.

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