And six mesocosms in the water!!

The last three days have been intense and productive for both teams (ndlr: the divers and the mesocosms builder). Today we’ve placed a second set of 3 mesocosms at sea and positioned them on the site prepared by the divers. And we had a good dinner (like always) with view on the 6 mesocosms:

The longest and hardest part of the last days was to prepare the bags to be inserted in the drum (upper part prepared on Monday). This work has been slowed down by the sun and heat we had the days before!! Today is really windy and we can test the resistance of the anchors with the South wind that enter in the Gulf.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning we could drag in the ‘harbour’ the mesocosms and the divers prepared a set 3 before going to position them on site.Since Wednesday the film-maker follows every step of the construction you can see him in the red dinghy with Grigor, while Bruno is bringing the mesocosms outside the harbour with Amélie and Jean-Michel.

The film maker showed us and the teenagers who were there until yesterday, the first rushes of the work under water, it was really nice to see what happened under surface and how hard it can be to work in the water. Thursday evening we also followed the presentation of this group of teenager who were here for a diving training in the frame of the school work!! They had to choose a topic concerning the marine environment (ecology, physic processus…). It was a really nice sharing moment that we all appreciated.

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