Life in Stareso by Samir and Walter

Stareso emergency.

In Stareso, I (Samir) have also another job to do…extreme mountain driver!  I’m often called to drive injured or sick people from the station to the town. As I know the road by heart, I can bring people in 10 min. The road is very rocky and demanding but is like in the « bled » so I am used to. They call me « Samir Emergency ».

Life in Stareso.

It’s the first time for us to live at 100m high in a lighthouse. We’ve always dreamt to see the sea from bed. We have a very nice view of all the Calvi Gulf and the mesocosms underneath which are being built. This place is very nice and quiet and our jobs are not too hard with this beautiful landscape. The sun is very hot, but a fresh swim can be very useful to refreshment as well as the good food of our cookers…

Every night we fight all together against the bees and mosquitoes with pillows and whatever we have in hands (broom, iphone, computer etc…)!

The time flies and day after day we start to feel the tiredness, but we can check and set up instruments for the experiments soon.

1 thought on “Life in Stareso by Samir and Walter

  1. I can’t wait to have pillow fights….but I need to ask….the sick or injured are from the mesocosm group 😦 ????????????????????????
    I need to live something to my daughter ??Prepare my will………

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