Some leave, other arrive

People from the preparation step gradually leave. David and Jean-Yves, who were here to do videos of the preparation as well as sub-marine sequences, left Tuesday. They were happy of the movies they have done on our work and the biodiversity around Stareso. Jean-Michel and Bruno (our jukebox) left this afternoon!!

Shooting of the mesocosms positioning by Jean-Yves from the dinghy.

They left… the mesocosms also!! Yesterday morning we had the bad surprise to see a new repartition between the 3 sets of mesocosms. After 4 intensive days of wind one of the line maintaining a set of mesocosms broke!! Since Saturday evening it blows a lot, we had a maximum wind of 50knots!! It was a good test for the anchor’s resistance but after 4 days of the line didn’t resist. The divers went quickly to repare.

The 3 sets should be aligned and not like a triangle…

So, before other participants arrive, between Saturday and Sunday, we still have preparation to finish the installation. Today we tested the three platforms to receive people when sampling. They consist in an assemblage of cubis and linked with the mesocosms by ropes. We also did a test if someone fall in water to go back on the platform… it’s not an easy job when alone with jellyfish around!! But we’ll never be alone on a platform, 3 people will be together for sampling 3 mesocosms.

Beautiful colors on the installation. At the bottom of the dock, the grey floating system is one of the platform we’ll use to take the samples.

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