Preparing the labs and hungry eel

Most scientists have arrived to the Stareso station, plans have been discussed and our first general meeting was held. Everybody is installing the equipment, so the labs have change a lot from yesterday to today; from a messy mass of boxes, bottles, tubes, cables and pumps to proper laboratories.

Dry and wet laboratories at Stareso MedSeA 2012

However not everything was that easy: yesterday one of the mesocosms lost water and so, all of them needed to be open and acidified again. The divers needed to repair again!.  Since the acidification is gradual, this caused a delay of two days in our original plans.  And today, the day started with a hungry eel having a taste of finger for breakfast. But work won´t stop, we will have test samplings at 8pm in the next two days and hopefully Andy’s finger will have some extra time to heel before starting the experiment.

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