My first days in Stareso by Louisa

As preparation days go by, everything seems in order and everyone is more relaxed knowing exactly when and where they need to be. Thus, I (Louisa) among the participants start to enjoy the vicinity and the local cuisine. The food so far is superb with paelia the first day, mixed grill the second and so on…the breakfast is a bit poor…I would love to have croissants but this is already an expensive mission so no need to overspend on small luxuries ☺ We still enjoy to dive off the peer whenever we have free time. Of course avoiding the spot where Andy was bitten. We don’t want to disturb the eel.
On the first day in the afternoon we start cleaning the cubi (the plastic cubes that form the platforms). At first by throwing buckets in the water to collect it and water the cubes while Francesca, Walter and Lisa where rubbing them with brushes. Unfortunately, this was time consuming so Laure, me and Francesca fell in the water while the others were throwing the cubis to us to clean them in situ…more efficient and more effective. In parallel, the rest of the participants were preparing for tests. My oxygen tests were also waiting me to improve them.
On the second acidification day (Wednesday 20th) in the afternoon, Fred and me went on the mesocosm (Cluster K3, P6) that has to be the more acidic. We had 9 bottles of 25 liters of seawater saturated in CO2, a battery (extremely heavy) and a pump. So we managed to balance on the cubi with all of these…As bottles were emptying, I realized that half of the platform was with empty bottles and me just 50 kilos and the other part with the filled bottles and the battery…suddenly the filled bottles start drifting towards the water and the platform due to small currents almost turn. In milliseconds the battery was in the water, together with one filled 25 Liters bottle and Fred’s sun-glasses. We managed to lift the battery and Fred dried it with his T-shirt. He also jumped in the water to retrieve the filled bottle. I love it when troubleshooting stories have happy endings. We finished eventually the acidification of P6.

1 thought on “My first days in Stareso by Louisa

  1. Bravo Fred pour ces sauvetages ! Vu le temps que vous avez, un petit bain semblait le bienvenu! Bon courage pour la suite

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