The end (well just for me…)

After a month in this beautiful place, it is time for me to go back to the North (cold, rainy, as it is always in Nice ;-)). As Andy mentioned, these are mixed feelings, happy to go back home to my partner and my boys, and of course a bit sad of leaving before the end of the experiment. No need to say, I had a great time here, with a fantastic group of people, in this unique area ! Many thanks to Pierre, Alexandre, Nilou, Richard, Joseph, Sylvain, Aurélia, Corinne and many others for their warm welcome. A special thank to the LOV team, the divers, the engineers, they did a fantastic job preparing the mesocosms and setting up an optimal system for our scientific work.

The science

I would like to share with you some results on how the acidification of the mesocosms went. We were planning on having 3 controls and 6 lower pH levels. It took us 3-4 days to add enough CO2 saturated seawater to this quite alkaline water to reach the desired levels. At the start of the experiment, the levels were: 540, 640, 730, 850, 1090, 1290 microatm, very close to the expected levels, while in the controls, seawater was over the atmospheric equilibrium (400 ppm in the atmosphere) at a value of 450 microatm. Now we are at day 8 of our experiment, and everything is going well, it almost became a routine. The chlorophyll a concentration is rather low but we knew we would face very oligotrophic conditions, that makes our analysis work just a bit harder.

The wind

In the last few days, we were so happy to have optimal weather conditions to sample our mesocosms, no wind, temperature of the water increasing to 24 °C allowing a fall from the sampling platform without even noticing it 🙂 but of course everything has to come to an end, the wind is back and actually pretty strong. The 2 samplings from this morning were quite a bit of a challenge and we will have to postpone the addition of 13C (Laure’s experiment) to at least tomorrow.

The fun

Cubis fight in Stareso harbor

I would like to emphasise one aspect of our stay here: after a long day sampling, filtering, measuring, repairing, swearing :-),  some fun never harms. Two days ago, after a nice Gin-Tonic aperitif offered by our british colleagues, we decided on taking some pictures of us all on the sampling platforms. So we brought 2 platforms in the Stareso harbor in which we were supposed to stand nicely without moving too much… of course, this lasted for only 2 mins, as it quickly turned into a “Cubi” fight! We ended up all wet, it was great fun, people living in the area wondered what happened, as apparently we were “a bit” noisy….

For all these aspects, I will miss you guys and the Stareso station.


4 thoughts on “The end (well just for me…)

  1. Eh oui, Fred, tout a une fin !!
    Mais je vois que l’ambiance a été bonne, et je pense que vos expériences se sont bien déroulées.
    Bisous et bon retour chez tes petits


  2. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I missed the cubi fight…..that’s a shame…
    I think also with the wind during the tests and the 2 first days of sampling it seemed like fighting on the cubi but only with the weather.
    Have a safe trip back home Fred….How long you think the experiment will last??A few more days or longer??Any input on that?


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