The food at Stareso ;)

First day: Paella!

There is key factor making our days easier, tastier, and happier here in Stareso research station; that is: the FOOD! (capital letters are needed because it reflects the size of our dishes). Since the first day it was clear to us that food was not going to be something to worry about. We were welcoming with a delicious paella, salads, sweets and cheese, always present French cheese, and specially the nice Corsican cheese with fig mermelade….yummmi

Some of the dishes we have had

And so, our days pass awaiting for 12:30 and 19:30 were the bell rings and everybody gathers around the table. Team work is a constant even when making the table: one puts the napkins, someone else the plates, forks, knives, water for all (Oasis for Samir)…and the table is ready!. During our meals we hear happy conversations and laughs in English, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian and international laughs. Then, always with full bellies, one by one stands up and goes filtering, sampling, or just for a break.

Richard and Joseph!!

Every day I said to myself I will eat less next day…but that never comes 😉 I guess that happens to most of us… Just now, while I am writing this post, the smell of something being cook by Joseph reach me and Raquel, we look at each other and say…”hmmmm”.
and all this thanks to Joseph and Richard! …Lets see what it will be today!


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