Mauro’s vision of the story

Part of Stareso´s fauna.

Once upon a time a bizarre concrete landslide gave birth to the station of Stareso in the savage coastline of Corsica. The place was soaked with grey magic and many biodiverse creatures started settling. The undiscussed king of this realm was the Vampire Eel, having as subjects carnivourous pirana-like marine fishes, French speaking wasps, immortal mosquitoes (you can smash them but they never decrease in number), a zombie cat, diarrhoea-generating sea gulls and a variety of electricity-resistant flying bugs.

more of Staresos´s fauna (introduced)

Since when the human kind initiated the so called global change that kingdom has remained preserved by unwanted invasions… until now… A bunch of intelligent, good-looking, brilliant, nice, sexy, over-the-top scientists arrived in that magical place to study the effect of increasing C dioxide on its marine system. That apparently peaceful system could just not stand those unwanted creatures and reacted. Yes, it reacted. Will those scientists survive to such a massive reaction?

will they?

2 thoughts on “Mauro’s vision of the story

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha…..I never doubted for a moment that could write a story like that…Brilliant……but I never expected from you to put a picture of Maki (yes the Zombie cat) on the blog…actually never expected from you that you could have a picture of Maki in your camera…hahahahahaha…also for the mosquitoes….and what bit me the first day that the girls left and we slept with the door open.
    The gorgeous scientists will survive as they are far too gorgeous to be extinct 🙂
    Keep up the good work you hard core maybe loving cat person… the way try and take from Martina the photo of you looking angrily at the cat…It’s excellent….if not I’ll try and upload it from you to the internet 🙂

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