…THE DAILY JOHNATAN’S JOURNEY.. (by Francesca and Cinzia)

I have been spending almost one month in the wonderful Stareso station, working in the mesocosms and it is revealing a really great experience! Some are happier some are less to go back home, however tomorrow will be the last day of the experiments…I did a lot of “in situ” work because my parameter’s analysis can not wait (at least for CDOM). But today I am not going to bore you about my analysis!

I would like to tell you a little story about..our Johnathans (the name we have given to the integrated-sampler-bottles)! Because Cinzia and me we will miss them a lot..

I am in the daily team of 8.30 am with my collegue Cinzia, so every morning we are full of energy (well, coffee is strictly necessary..) to go to the cubis for sampling K3! This the best moment of the day (as far as work is concerned..), because one of the Johnatans is randomly with us 😉

(Cinzia and Francesca at 8.30 team on cubis)

When we approch the mesocosms and we are well attach by ropes (if not the strong SW wind will blow us to Genova or Sardegna) we are ready to prepare our Johnatan for his journey into the so transparent and blue corsican waters…

He will travel in the water-column until reaching 10 m depth: we cast him very constantly, slowly and sweetly by the rope, in order he is able to collect the integrating seawater we need.

Basically is like a big 5 Liters syringe. Thus, is very important to push down the piston before casting again.

Since Samir and Fred smartly discovered the utility of the “push botton” to save time in the meanwhile we are sampling the last bottle (the pressure is higher) we also enjoy with the rest of the team to sing “Me gusta el push!”

The PUSH “moment” standing on knees

The name alludes to seagulls that unfortunately made their dwelling place above the roof of the mesocosms..
“If you love someone, set them free..If they come back they are yours..if they don’t they never were.”

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