Afrodite Androni

My role in Stareso:
My participation in Stareso experiment will be in the parameters that are associated with chemical characterization of DOM and POM. I’ll be collecting samples for sugars and amino acids which will be analyzed by my colleagues in the HCMR laboratories. I’ll be also participating in bacterial respiration measurements applying the Winkler method in DO determination.
My thoughts on the trip:
Initially I felt awkward with such a long period away from my home and family. Once I began to see pictures of the preparations from the LOV team, the beautiful landscapes of Calvi and learn more about the philosophy of the experiments, my interest was growing progressively. Now I’m looking forward to meet colleagues from other countries, work together and exchange ideas about methods and practices. I can’t hide my enthusiasm to swim in the waters of Corsica and walk along the rocky paths of Stareso area. I can’t wait to come to Stareso!!
More about my research:
I have an MSc degree in Chemical Oceanography from the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, University of Athens, GR.  My scientific interests are related to dissolve organic matter dynamics and I have worked in oligotrophic environments of East Mediterranean Sea. My long term occupation in HCMR includes measurements of particulate organic and total carbon and nitrogen using CHN analyzer in suspended matter on filters and organic and total carbon and nitrogen in sediments as well.

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