Aggeliki Konstantinopoulou

My role in Stareso:
My role in Stareso mesocosm experiments would be to measure bacterial production as well as prokaryotic respiration. I will be collecting samples for later flow cytometric analysis in the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (for cyanobacteria, heterotrophic bacteria and viruses).
My thoughts on the trip:
Well my involvement was unexpected and felt surprised but also it seems kind of exciting. I have a good experience in being on board a vessel or even a fishing trout but never before on a floating platform. So this adds up to my resume so far and also helps my curiosity on how to balance on it. The whole experimental set up seems interesting and I am looking forward to join in. I would love to try and improve my English through the interaction I will have with the MedSeA partners and I am also looking forward to enjoy as much as possible the scenery.
More about my research:
I am a marine technologist, working at the microbial ecology laboratory, HCMR in Athens. Well, it’s not my research but I am active member of the microbial team experienced in a variety of techniques as a result of my ten year involvement in research science. Key person of the lab for regular sampling and field work. My long term occupation in HCMR includes radioisotope measurements (bacterial production as well as primary production), chlorophyll analysis, culture of autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms. So far I have participated in many research projects mainly focused on the microbial food web in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as well as in mesocosm experiments.

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