Amélie Sallon

My role in MedSeA Stareso:
Fred recruited me to organize a field mesocosms experiment in Stareso near Clavi in Corsica. This experiement is in the frame of the MedseA project.
My part is mainly logistical, I make a link between researchers and engineers to prepare and improve the concept of mesocosms and I organized all logistical things around the mission (transport of the material and people, accomodation…). I make also the link with European partners who participate at the mission.

My thoughts on the trip:
It is my first time in Corsica and I will stay 7 weeks to assembly mesocosms, the experimental period and finally disassembling.
During the experimental period I am in charge of HPLC filtration and to change sediments traps every day. My favorite part is the sediment traps work, during my study I worked on short term drifting sediment traps in Canada and it was a revelation.
During this mission I am very happy to combine my passion the dive and my interest for sediments traps. I am really happy to dive every day I am very lucky!

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