Anastasia Tsiola

My role in Stareso
This coming June/July in Stareso, I will be collecting samples for later flow cytometric analysis in the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (for cyanobacteria, heterotrophic bacteria and viruses). I will be also collecting samples for bacterial production as well as samples for respiration measurements. I’m also willing to contribute to other projects with my expertise!
My thoughts on the trip
I actually didn’t know what to write here, because I was looking forward to so many things! Being in the middle of nowhere, in one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean, working on this experiment, with people from all over, what’s not to like?? I’m looking forward to collaborate with this great group, in an environment where so much knowledge is in the “mix”, hoping that I can contribute with my own drops of experience.
More about my research
Well, it’s not my research per say yet, but I’m currently working on the structure of the microbial food web. I did my undergraduate studies in Biology in the University of Crete and during my thesis (in collaboration with the HCMR) I focused on the microbial food web of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea specifically. Seasonal and spatial distribution of several members of the prokaryotic community was my project. My MSc in Oceanography in the National Oceanography Centre (Southampton, UK) didn’t follow exactly the same path, rather it focused on foraminiferal stable isotopic analysis for the reconstruction of past climatic transitions.Ultra-oligotrophic marine ecosystems are my subject of choice, but Norwegian fjords and the Pacific Ocean also captured my attentions for a time! There are several tools used in our lab at the moment, such as flow cytometry, microscopy and image analysis systems for viral, bacterial and (small) eukaryotic research. Ciliates’ mixotrophic behaviour, viral production and archaeal contribution to the total prokaryotic community are some of the things that my research also involves.

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