Cinzia Fabbro

My role in MedSeA Stareso:
In the frame of the Stareso mesocosms experiment my role will be to filter water samples for particulate phosphorus, total and organic particulate carbon analysis which will be performed in the OGS-BIO laboratories upon our return. Additionally, I will assist my colleague to measure rates of organic matter degradation processes which are pivotal activities in biogeochemical cycles since mediate the relationship between organic material and the biota, and to estimate the amount of highly active prokaryotes through the CTC method which allow to microscopically visualise respiring cells.
My thoughts on the trip:
I’m very curious about Stareso experiment because of mesocosms design. Will see;)

More about my research:
Currently I have a graduate research grant at the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics. I’m part of the MaBER group at the Biological Oceanography department of the above mentioned institute; MaBER group has developed its expertise in the field of chemical and biological oceanography focusing on the benthic-pelagic coupling. The research activities are carried out mainly in the Adriatic basin, including all its specific environments (lagoons, estuaries and coastal areas), as well as in polar environments. One of the main focus is on the sensitivity of biogeochemical cycles and prokaryotic communities to climatic variations at different time scales. The effects of the anthropic disturbances on the marine environment are also under investigation. In this frame my research activity focused on microbiological analysis in water, sediment and edible bivalves and in particular on the estimation and phenotypic characterization of few bacterial functional groups related to environmental conditions. Besides, I have worked about potential pathogenic (for humans or fishes) vibrios and the ecological vectors which determine their presence. Recently I have been involved in the European Project MEDSEA in the frame of experimental activity on the carbonate system in the Gulf  of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea) focusing my research activity on plankton community respiration.

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