Clémence Rose

I’ve started my PhD in October 2011 with Karine as co-supervisor. Before doing my PhD I did a master in Physics and Chemistry of Atmosphere and Climate in Clermont and then my Master internship, still in Clermont. During these 5 months I have worked on airborne measurements made above Paris to study the impact of the pollution plume, especially on particle formation. The study of my PhD is still the formation of new ultrafine particles in the atmosphere but now I mainly focus on high altitude sites (Puy de Dôme, France; Bolivia; Nepal).

What I am expecting from MedSea mesocosm experiment is first getting dataset very different from what I usually study! Moreover, I am very interested in knowing more about the impact of the acidification of sea water because oceans and atmosphere (which is my first love!) seem to be closely related. Finally, since it is my first “international” campaign I am very excited to meet people from all over the world, to exchange ideas…

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