Justine Louis

My role in Medsea Stareso :
During the last month in Medsea experiment, my role will be to study the impact of acidification of ocean (in oligotrophic ecosystem) on the cycles of biogeochemical elements as iron, phosphorus and nitrogen. The target is to know if the decreasing of pH has a significant influence on the speciation of macro and micro nutrient and thus if it alter their bioavailability for primary production. So, my work in Stareo will be to filter samples at 0,2 and 0,015 µm, and irradiate the organic matter which they contain to get the organic forms of nutrient.
My thoughts on the trip :
I’m so excited to participate in this experiment because it will be my first participation at a scientific mission and what is more it’s a European experiment and so I find that it’s always interesting to meet people from others research institutes , cultures … and I think that it’s a very good thing for my English level !!!!!!! And then, the localization of Stareso is very exceptional !
More about my research :
About my research, it’s again too early because I’m graduate student oceanographic chemical at Institute European Universitary of the sea (IUEM) at Brest. I’m currently doing my training course at LOV with Cécile Guieu and Matthieu Bressac (PhD student), and after to have set up the analysis of nitrate at nanomolar concentrations, I ‘m working about the influence of dust atmospheric on the behavior of nitrogen in Mediterranean sea. For the future, I would like take part to research project about the interaction between environment changing (climate, antropic) and marine biogeochemistry.

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