Lisa Al-Moosawi, Andy Rees & Denise Cummings

Our role in Stareso
During the experiments we will be taking a variety of samples in order to monitor nitrogen cycling within the mesocosms; namely nitrification (ammonium oxidation), nitrate uptake & nitrogen fixation. We will also be collecting samples in order for colleagues at University California Santa Cruz to check for the presence of the nifH gene (the gene involved in nitrogen fixation).
Our thoughts on the trip
Following what seems like months of preparation (it’s harder to arrange transportation of equipment from the UK than people might think…..) it will be something of a relief to be reunited with our equipment & actually start the experiment!
We’re all looking forward to meeting both new & familiar faces and, of course, visiting Corsica – a first for all of us.
More about our research 
Andy, Denise and Lisa are scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML; PML undertakes leading international research to respond to societal needs and to promote stewardship of the world ocean.
PML’s science is concerned with:

  • increasing knowledge and understanding of the marine environment and
  • designing tools and evidence based solutions for its practical management.

PML provides capability for observing, modelling, understanding and forecasting marine ecosystems.
Operating in an interdisciplinary way PML is uniquely placed to undertake research, provide advice and deliver outcomes on the key challenges facing society in relation to global change and sustainability of marine ecosystems.
Andy Rees is a senior scientist at PML. He has extensive experience within the field of marine nutrient cycling and phytoplankton productivity, initially on extensive field surveys of the estuarine and oceanic distribution of denitrification and nitrous oxide and more recently on the pelagic uptake and flux of nitrogen with respect to bacterial and phytoplankton productivity. His published papers relate to expertise in the use of relevant analytical procedures including stable isotope mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and nutrient autoanalysis.
Lisa Al-Moosawi is an analytical chemist working with Andy Rees on nitrogen cycling & has experience of a wide variety of analytical techniques from her initial work in industry and her time in research science.
Denise Cummings is an experienced sea-going marine chemist, specialising in fieldwork. She co-ordinates the regular sampling at local sites and has particular responsibility for CHN & chlorophyll analysis.

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