Samir Alliouane

My role in STARESO
In the frame of the Mesocosm Stareso Experiment, I will measure different parameters of the seawater, such as total alkalinity, pH and total inorganic carbon.
It’s my first important campaign since I am an assistant engineer at LOV and I am very glad to be a part of it. I will stay on site during the whole experiment (7 weeks). I will help preparing the experiment with other people and install the material. The most exiting part will be to build the 9 mesocosms on the Stareso harbor and put them in the water. I will also have to put inside and install all the instruments in order to have an organized lab as I have in Villefranche. I will play an important role here because I will have to provide accurate and quality measurements of key seawater parameters directly related to the CO2 concentration.
My thoughts about the experiment
This project is an important one, which involves several European countries and laboratories. This is an extraordinary opportunity for me to be here and to have important responsibilities. I will meet people from different laboratories. It’s also a very good experience to work with people from my team. We will be closer and know each other much better.
More about my research
I am an assistant engineer in charge of the biogeochemical parameters analysis in the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (France). I started to work in the ocean acidification field during both of my six months Master’s internships (2010 and 2011). I worked on the effect of increasing CO2 concentration on pteropods. In the laboratory and during experiments with researchers, I play an important role as I measure key parameters of the seawater. I install and maintain aquaria and pH / temperature regulation systems which will be used to host the animals (mussels, sea urchins, pteropods…). I am also involved in some publications.

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