Tanya Zervoudaki

My role in Stareso: My role in Stareso mesocosm experiments would be to collect samples for zooplankton abundance and species composition as well as, to perform grazing and egg production experiment with the dominant copepod species.
My thoughts on the trip:
When Fred sent us the e-mail about the Stareso mesocosm experiment I was very enthusiastic. I think that I was the first one among my colleagues that I wanted to participate in this experiment. I have a good experience having worked several times in mesocosm experiments but this is a first for doing an in situ mesocosm of 50 m3. Despite the fact that I will be away from my two small-lovely kids, I can say that I’m looking forward meeting my collaborators from other countries and sharing together this unique experience!
More about my research:
I am a researcher at the Institute of Oceanography in the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research from December 2006. I have completed my doctoral training on mesozooplankton ecology and ecophysiology in the University of Athens (Section of Biology). My main research interest is the mesozooplankton ecology and physiology. I have participated in more than 30 funded research projects where I have worked on zooplankton taxonomy, horizontal and vertical distribution of mesozooplankton communities, seasonal and interannual variability of mesozooplankton in coastal and offshore areas and influence of environmental parameters (hydrology, food availability and pollution) to mesozooplankton. Additionally, my research involves physiology of major groups of mesozooplankton as Copepod egg production, faecal pellet production of copepods and tunicates, grazing of copepods and tunicates using different methods, effect of toxic phytoplankton on the grazing and production of copepods, estimation of carbon flow in the pelagic food web and vertical carbon flux, resting eggs of zooplankton in the sediment and lately on the copepod response on ocean acidification.

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