A kukurukoo story made by Aggeliki

My last day today and feeling kind of sad that I am going, knowing that I leave work behind for my colleague Anastasia and good friends that I met during my stay. It was a pleasure. Somewhere between the hard work we had our moments…our moments of silliness. We managed even to laugh with our mistakes especially during the tests on how to sample, how to save the boxes when they fall in the water, how not to let go the rope because you start your journey to Genova…Oh we helped…we helped Villefrance team to realize almost anything that could go wrong on the cubi (platform). But as I said we laughed and I use the word kukurukoo for each silly action.

Trying to explain this to our colleagues here was some kind of difficult. Thank fully Raquel helped me a lot. She did the best kukurukoo action of the experiment so far. This is how the story goes:

We were all having dinner as usual, all together with our trays and plates in order. That day was the days that Patricia Ziverri (MedSeA coordinator) had arrived and by coincidence she was sitting near us and she was making polite conversation with all. Out of a sudden, Raquel with her poor English but with a beautiful heart says to Patricia: ‘Hello, I am Raquelle, and you??’ Patricia replies politely: ‘I am Patricia, how are you doing’. Raquel replies: ‘I am well, thank you. Are you working with us???’……at that point we all froze and stared at each other…It was then that Francesca said to Raquel: ‘She is the coordinator’…..And after that awkward moment passed, we started laughing so hard because Raquelle had explained in a really good way what kukurukoo is…….

Will miss you all


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