Parameters measured

Here is the list of the parameters measured during the experiement:

– Net Community Production and Respiration (Winkler method)
– Gross Primary Production
– Bacterial Production
– Nitrogen cycle: nitrification (ammonium oxidation), nitrate uptake & nitrogen fixation
– Rates of organic matter degradation processes
Every days (core parameters):
– Nutrients
– Pigments
– Chlorophylle
– Carbonate chemistry (DIC, Alkalinity and pH)
– Dissolved Organic Carbon
– Particulate Organic Carbon/Nitrogen and Phosphor (POC/PON and POP)
– Carbon isotope in POC and PLFA
– Sediment trap
Every two days:
– Taxonomy
– Transparent Exopolymers (TEP)/CDOM/Particulate Light Absorbance
– Gene expression (the one involved in Nitrogen Fixation)

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