Walter Dellisanti

My role in MedSeA Stareso
During the period of work in Stareso, I will be involved in key microbial processes, such as production and respiration, by oxygen analysis (Winkler method) and how these processes are influenced from increasing atmospheric CO2 produced by human activities. The experimental work, and their analysis will be conducted by mesocosm experimental tools.
My thoughts about this journey:
I am very excited to take part to this project. This is my first real scientific work that will be useful in order to write up my thesis about master’s degree in Marine Biology (University of Bologna, Ravenna, Italy). I can obtain much experience from scientists of several nationalities, working for a European project of great relevance. Will be 2 months of hard work but I’m sure that I will learn a lot of things indispensable to improve my scientific and professional knowledge.
More about my research:
I am a student and I have not published scientific papers yet, but a scientific poster (“CO2 induced pH decrease: effect on planktonic microbes” – SAME12, 2011). In my first thesis about Biological Sciences (Bachelor of Science), I worked with OGS Institute of Trieste, and it concerned the effect of sea pH decrease on production and respiration processes. It was through this work that I began to understand the problem of increased atmospheric CO2 such as, for example, the ocean acidification.

“This opportunity is a natural continuation of a scientific work already started and I am sure be very important to research and the inevitable implications about human impact.”

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